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As the agricultural industry changes, new market sectors are emerging, holding significant growth opportunities for companies positioned to exploit these opportunities.
AgbioInvestor’s global market research provides unique insights into niche markets where disrupting technology is increasingly altering the agricultural landscape.

With a focus on timeliness and quality and with capabilities across all key crop-growing regions, AgbioInvestor MR leverages our industry expertise together with insightful and detailed information gained through market research to provide powerful insights into crop input usage across key high-value crop markets, enabling a greater understanding of market dynamics and grower product choice.

Gain a greater understanding of product usage and market positioning in key growth sectors, covering major horticulture and fruit crops, with a greater focus on biological crop protection products and biostimulants.

We offer a range of market research services, including panel studies as well as bespoke projects tailored to your specific requirements. We have dedicated market research teams in all key growing regions, enhanced by AgbioInvestor’s market-leading industry analysts and delivery platforms.
+ Niche market focus covering underrepresented crop and product sectors
+ Access unparalleled Biological and Biostimulant insights
+ CATI, Face to Face and email questionnaire capabilities
+ Data visualisation platform enhanced by expert data support from the AgbioInvestor team
+ Flat file reporting for integration with third-party software

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