Terms and Conditions Governing the supply of Agbioinvestor Products and Services


Agbioinvestor is a suite of products and services operated by Phil Mac Associates, trading as Agbioinvestor (Agbioinvestor). Before subscribing to the services provided at Agbioinvestor you MUST read and agree with the following terms and conditions (“the Terms”). From time to time, we may alter the Terms. These changes will be displayed on the Terms and Conditions page within the site. As a result, you should review these Terms often.

Nature of the Site

Agbioinvestor’s products and services are a private subscription service that provides news and information on the crop protection, biotechnology, and related agricultural industries. The information provided by Agbioinvestor is for the sole use of the subscriber and is intended for research and information purposes by users. The content provided by Agbioinvestor is NOT designed for or intended for investment or legal advice and should NOT be used as the basis for investment decisions, financial transactions or trading purposes. In order to access Agbioinvestor’s products and services you must first purchase an appropriate annual subscription.  On acceptance you will subsequently be provided with access details that enable you to obtain access Agbioinvestor’s website. When registering to gain access to the website you agree that you will be the only user of the website through your individual user name and password. You will not allow other individuals to access the Agbioinvestor’s website through your user name and password. Your access will be restricted to the subscriber area of the site. You will not publish, post, distribute, disseminate to any third party or include in any other part of the World Wide Web (internet), any of Agbioinvestor’s products and services without our permission. You will not set up links from any other website to Agbioinvestor’s products and services without our permission.

Authority and Confidentiality

Agbioinvestor is entitled to assume that any signatory to any contract, subscription form or order form has the authority within the client company to enter into a contract for subscription on behalf of the client company, or has been authorised by a director or senior executive of the company (The Authorised Person). The data contained in this website remains the Intellectual Property of Agbioinvestor and its partners. By virtue of the paid subscription fee, the Client is granted a non-exclusive perpetual right to use the Database and Reporting internally. The Client is not restricted in its use of the Database and Reporting, unless the repeated and systematic use leads to a reproduction of the Database and Reporting, or any substantial part thereof, which is not permitted. The transfer of the Database and Reporting in any part or form to third parties without prior written approval by Agbioinvestor or its partners is also not permitted.

The data and analysis presented in the Agbioinvestor website, all its constituent parts and any additional information supplied as part of this contract is covered by Copyright and may not be copied or passed on to any persons outside the client company. Limited printing of the sections contained within the website is allowed for internal communications within the client company.

The product is supplied on a companywide licence basis. It is expressly forbidden for any data contained within the Agbioinvestor website or any part thereof to be posted on the Internet or passed to a third party without the written permission of Agbioinvestor.


Upon selecting the service that you wish to subscribe to you will be sent a subscription form that must be fully completed and signed by The Authorised Person.  Once the Authorised Person has agreed to these Terms and Conditions, authorised users within the subscribing company will be directed to the subscription form (the ‘Form’). All fields on the Form are mandatory. Inserting information into the form that is not relevant to you or your organisation will be viewed as a breach of these Terms. Only when you are absolutely satisfied that the information you have supplied on the Form is relevant and correct should you click the “Submit” button. On submission of the Form, the information will then be sent to Agbioinvestor. The suitability of you (the Client) for an Agbioinvestor subscription will then be judged by Agbioinvestor staff, using the information we receive in the e-mail.

Site Abuse

Any subscriber found to be abusing the Site in any way, as laid out in these Terms and Conditions, will have their subscription terminated immediately.

Site Operations and Continuity of Service

Agbioinvestor is operated from our offices in Scotland. From time to time access to our website, products or services may be restricted due to technical maintenance, however these incidents will be kept to a minimum. Agbioinvestor undertakes all reasonable efforts to ensure products, services and communications are free from computer viruses and other forms of malicious computer software coding, nevertheless it is your sole responsibility to ensure that you have appropriate antivirus software installed on your computer prior to accessing the site.

Product Updating

The services provided by Agbioinvestor are intended to provide a dynamic business intelligence service for the agricultural based industries indicated above, and our products and related services will be subject to constant modification. As such, Agbioinvestor retains the right to alter the site without notice.


Agbioinvestor’s products and services are provided for research and information purposes only. Subscribers to the Site hereby agree that they acknowledge that information contained within Agbioinvestor products and services are for research and information purposes only and subscribers also agree that it is their sole responsibility to ensure that the information is used for these purposes. Agbioinvestor’s products and services are designed to provide news, information and commentary on the crop protection, seed, plant biotechnology industries; however Agbioinvestor’s products and services do not provide specific investment or legal advice. In addition, while Agbioinvestor has undertaken all reasonable steps to ensure that the information contained in Agbioinvestor’s products, services and correspondence is accurate, you agree that Agbioinvestor has not guaranteed the accuracy of the information within Agbioinvestor’s products and services. YOU AGREE AND HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE SERVICE PROVIDED BY AGBIOINVESTOR IS SUPPLIED WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, WITH REGARD TO THE ACCURACY OF ANY OF THE CONTENT WITHIN ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE SUPPLIED BY AGBIOINVESTOR, ASSOCIATED CORRESPONDANCE OR NOTIFICATIONS.

Agbioinvestor and its owners, collaborating partners, agents and employees cannot be held liable for the use of and reliance of the opinions, estimates, forecasts and findings in any of the services provided by Agbioinvestor. No member of Agbioinvestor, including its owners, collaborating partners, agents and employees will be liable to the subscriber or to any third party or be the subject of any claim from the subscriber or any third party in connection with any loss or liability directly or indirectly arising from the use of the content within Agbioinvestor’s products, services, correspondence or emails. If you are dissatisfied with the subscription service you agree that your only remedy is to immediately discontinue accessing Agbioinvestor products and services, and notify Agbioinvestor accordingly.

Proprietary Rights

All of Agbioinvestor’s products and services are protected by international copyright. You may not copy, regularly download, store on a computer any of the content with the intention of forming a database, publication, report or a website for third party use without our permission. All trademarks and company logos contained on any of Agbioinvestor’s products and services, including those of Agbioinvestor, should not be copied without permission of said company.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Agbioinvestor and all of its owners, collaborating partners, agents and employees from and against all liabilities, costs, damages or lawyer’s fees which are incurred by any them as a result of any claim or expense arising from any breach of these Terms by you or any individual using your registered username and password, or any use you may make of the products and services offered by Agbioinvestor.

Third Party Web Sites and Products

Agbioinvestor does not guarantee the accuracy or security of any information within third party web sites that are provided by links from this website. In addition, the inclusion of any company, product, brand, goods or services from third parties does not imply their endorsement.

Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by Scottish Law and the user or subscriber and AgBioInvestor irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts in connection with any matter arising out of them.

Information Management

We will use any personal data collected during your use of the Site in accordance with current UK data protection legislation.