What is AgbioTrade?

AgbioTrade is a new software tool currently under development by AgbioInvestor that allows tracking, quantification and analysis of imports and exports of agrochemicals across a wide number of country markets.

AgbioTrade is an online tool which allows users to track agrochemical trade flows between nations. Imports and exports can be viewed by active volume, value and price, covering formulated and technical agrochemical active ingredients. Registrant and manufacturer are identified where possible, allowing users to track competitor activity, whilst five years of data allows users to identify trends on an aggregated annual basis.

  • Database of agrochemical product trade
  • Global coverage, with focus on major manufacturing nations
  • Interactive online tool
  • Accessed via AgbioInvestor website
  • Annual subscription

AgbioInvestor collates data collected from port authorities and suppliers across a large range of country markets, with this raw data being analysed and cleaned by the AgbioInvestor team before being made available to users through the AgbioTrade platform. This represents a significant saving on in-house analysis of customs data.

AgbioTrade also provides access to AgbioInvestor’s leading analytical team to provide qualitative context to the data presented.

As AgbioTrade is currently still under development, we would welcome any comments or feedback regarding your company’s specific trade data requirements.



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