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AgbioChem has been specifically designed for companies who are involved in the manufacture of Fine Chemicals or Active Ingredients.It combines a view of active ingredient chemical manufacturing processes with agrochemical market information, providing an overall view from raw and starting materials, key intermediates, and synthesis of the final active ingredient. Make business, financial and production chain decisions with confidence.

AgbioChem is an invaluable tool for companies who manufacture fine chemicals or active ingredients for the agrochemical industries – it provides you with:

+ Global marketplace Active Ingredient and Fine Chemical information

+ Key technologies involved in agrochemical manufacture

+ Step-by-step view of synthetic pathways

+ Supporting commercial information:
Volumes of chemicals sold
Technical active ingredient pricing
Key marketing companies
Patent status

Subscribing to AbgioChem has many business benefits, including allowing users to:

+ Identify new opportunities for existing portfolio
+ Utilise commercial information to identify new customers
+ Understand supply & demand factors
+ Understand product & technology match
+ Maximise asset profitability

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