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Product Company Status Crop Year Of
Agrisure Duracade 5222 E-Z Refuge Syngenta
Commercially Available Maize
2014 Herbicide Tolerance - Glufosinate
Herbicide Tolerance - Glyphosate
Insect Resistance - Above Ground
Insect Resistance - Below Ground


  Herbicide Tolerance Genes Insect Resistance Genes  
Event Glyphosate Tolerance Genes Glufosinate Tolerance Genes Other Herbicide Tolerance Genes Lepidoptera Control Genes Coleoptera Control Genes Other Insect Control Genes Other Trait Genes
5307 x MIR604 x Bt11 x TC1507 x GA21 x MIR162 mepsps pat Cry1Ab, Cry1Fa2, Vip3A mCry3A, eCry3.1Ab


Refuge Requirements  
Maize region refuge (%) Cotton region refuge (%) Additional Info
5 RIB 20 Cannot be treated with glufosinate based herbicides