Agbioinvestor and Kynetec in Product Development Collaboration

Tuesday 31st October 2017, Edinburgh, UK


Agbioinvestor, an agricultural market intelligence company based in Edinburgh, UK, and Kynetec, the global leader in agricultural and animal health market research, have entered into a product development collaboration to bring to the market a new market strategy software platform, sigma Select.

The collaboration utilises Kynetec’s global agricultural market research data to create an agricultural business intelligence platform with the most in-depth ex-manufacturer market research available on the market. The platform will provide users with market insights and trends at the regional, country, crop and active ingredient level, as well as market shares for the leading manufacturers in these markets.

Sigma Select provides ex-manufacturer sales for all commercially significant active ingredients in all significant country markets across all major crops and crop groups. The user-friendly, intuitive interface has been developed to combine ease-of-use with depth of detail that allows users to access ex-manufacturer data to an extent that is unrivalled throughout the industry. The interface will also be available in Japanese and Chinese editions, enabling more efficient use for native speakers of these languages.

Garry Mabon, partner at Agbioinvestor and one of sigma Select’s senior analysts commented ‘Kynetec offers the most comprehensive farm gate market research in the crop protection and seeds industries via its sigmaCP and sigmaSeed products. At Agbioinvestor, we are proud to announce that this market research will power sigma Select, with the most significant and growth markets covered in a level of detail unparalleled in other ex-manufacturer level offerings. sigma Select has been designed by Kynetec and Agbioinvestor’s leading specialists with our valued clients in mind, and it represents a novel, exciting and powerful analytical tool which will enable users to effectively answer their questions in an intuitive way.’

Analyst support will be a cornerstone of the product, and both Kynetec and Agbioinvestor staff will be available to clients for any questions and requests in order to maximise the user experience.

Warrick Steptoe, Director, Annual Trend Research at Kynetec said ‘This is a terrific collaboration that introduces clients to a new use for a sub-set of our extensive sigma CP data. The team at AgbioInvestor are exceptional and we fully expect them to produce additional insights, bringing new benefits to both company’s customers.’

About Agbioinvestor: Agbioinvestor was established by the former founder of Phillips McDougall, Dr John McDougall, in 2017. The service provides news to the crop protection and agricultural biotechnology sectors, covering crop protection, seeds & traits, digital agriculture, biological crop protection, commodities and related industries. The team members, Fraser McDougall, Allister Phillips, Derek Oliphant and Garry Mabon, have over forty years of combined experience from their history in senior analytical and managerial roles at Phillips McDougall.

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About Kynetec: Kynetec is the global leader in agricultural and animal health market research. We have a long history of market research expertise, specialising in animal health and nutrition, crop protection, farm machinery and equipment, seed/biotech and fertilisers.

Backed by a team of more than 270 research professionals, 270 skilled interviewers and a global network of more than 80 partners, our number one priority is to ensure that we deliver the highest-quality insight and foresight at the right time to enable our clients to confidently make the best decisions for their business.

Across the globe, our employees are located across 22 major agriculture and animal health countries. Our coverage extends to multiple markets, where we regularly undertake research projects in more than 70 countries.

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